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Natural gas as a transport fuel is not a new story. With over 22.7 million natural gas vehicles (NGVs) on the roads worldwide by 2015, the industry is well-established, challenging perceptions about how all forms of transport are powered. In addition to increased supplies – thanks to the US shale revolution – the change towards gas has been further incentivized by regulatory, economic and environmental imperatives.

The growing focus on reducing emissions is driving the demand for natural gas vehicles (NGVs). Furthermore, the global natural gas vehicles market will benefit from the favorable regulations imposed by governments around the world to regulate the release of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

India is regarded as a country with possibly one of the biggest potential worldwide for the implementation of Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) program and indeed the country has witnessed significant growth in recent years. The rapid growth came due to price differential that not only fueled the commercial interest of passenger transport service providers, but public at large.

In 1990s, campaign to improve local air quality drove policy makers to look out for cleaner fuel options. The switch over to natural gas was later mandated by Hon’ble Supreme Court in 1995 and resulted in installation of a body called The Environmental Pollution (Prevention and Control) Authority’. In the year 2001, the body recommended the use of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) among users and paved way for India’s first large scale CNG program. Since then, NGV programs were introduced in over 30 cities, few mandated by court decision, leading the growth in NGV population up to the current estimated level of over 1.8 million including three-wheelers, buses, taxis and small/ light commercial vehicles.

The NGV India Summit will provide an appropriate forum to deliberate on the key issues crippling the growth of the NGV business and will be aimed at addressing the concerns to make natural gas as the fuel of choice in the transportation segment. The aim is to bring together sustainable transportation stakeholders from around the world—fleets, technology companies, OEMs, infrastructure developers, fuel providers, and Government representatives and policymakers—to discuss the rapidly growing global use of natural gas in the transportation sector.

The broad themes to be discussed will reflect upon:

  • Policing, Regulations, Pricing & Infrastructure
  • Associated Technologies in Advancing NGV Business (Automobile/Equipment Manufacturers, Fleet Operators, CNG Suppliers)
  • Building Infrastructure to Fuel NGV Growth
  • Integrating Stakeholders Interest of NGV Business for a Sustainable Future
  • Environmental Concerns & Safety
  • Road Ahead for Natural Gas Powered Vehicles: NGV Market of the Future

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